Dr. Cory Morris from Morrisville, North Carolina, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® and USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional®. He owns EPIC Chiropractic P.C. in Morrisville, North Carolina, where he serves a wide variety of patients, many of whom are golfers. Combining his knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body, proper movement patterns and common injuries with his background in golf, teaching, and the mechanics of the swing allows him to mesh his two worlds together. With this unique skill set, he is able to help improve someone’s game while they perform and feel their best.

Morris started golfing at the age of 14 to spend more time with one of his favorite cousins. He quickly caught the “golf fever” and has never looked back. During his college years at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, he decided to further his golf knowledge and became USGTF certified. He wanted to pursue this certification so he could help others learn golf and improve their games and to deepen their love and enjoyment for golf. He also utilized much of his teaching knowledge learned from USGTF instructors to further improve his own golf game, which helped him become more consistent in his tournament play. Today, he remains an active golfer playing both recreationally – usually with his favorite playing partner, his dad – and competitively. He mostly competes locally in club-oriented tournament play, where most notably he has won his local club’s club championship seven times.

As you might guess, his style of teaching revolves around body mechanics. He is a big proponent of “swing your own swing within reason.” He focuses on what is most mechanically correct and efficient for each player’s build to improve their golf games while prolonging their pain-free golf years. He likes to incorporate homework for patients and students – all the same – that usually includes some combination of exercise, stretching and functional movement patterns, geared towards making them a better golfer and a healthier person overall.
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