Tim Carnahan of Fairfax, Virginia, has been a lifelong golfer who had a 30-year corporate career in finance and employee relocation. In preparation for a second career, Carnahan began to work on his golf game and began taking classes in golf instruction as well as club fitting, club performance and club repair. Eleven years ago, after retiring from his corporate job, Carnahan joined a local golf academy as a club fitter and beginner golf instructor. He now works with players of all skill levels.  

Carnahan currently works at the Burke Lake Golf Academy (BLGA) at the Burke Lake Golf Course in Fairfax. At the BLGA, he teaches group lessons as well as private and semi-private lessons. Additionally, Carnahan does club fittings for two major golf club companies. Earlier in 2023, Carnahan was designated a staff player for Callaway Golf. His teaching philosophy is a formula that has proven over time to produce solid results. First, he emphasizes solid fundamentals of grip, setup, ball position and takeaway. This portion of instruction is supported by video analysis and photos that the student takes home with them. Phase two involves developing the student’s understanding of what goes into making good impact and the resulting ball flight.  

According to Carnahan, “I support this aspect of the lesson with launch monitor and video analysis. My students have responded well to this approach. The final aspect to my teaching method is to hold the students to a high standard. I have found that students really appreciate honest feedback on their performance. Acknowledge a good swing, but point out what could be improved. Students respond well to being told they can do better.”  
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