Ken Hanley from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, has been an active USGTF member since 1997. Now 58 years old, Hanley is head instructor for the “Get Golf Ready” program in the Thunder Bay region. Hanley has also developed and patented a new innovative training aid called “The Putting Stroke Teacher,” which is now manufactured in the USA. This simple t-shaped device attaches to the handle of the putter and rests gently across the top of the golfer’s forearms. It promotes three key putting fundamentals simultaneously during practice:
  1. Perfect shoulder alignment.
  2. A consistent setup position and shaft plane angle.
  3. A one-piece pendulum type swing motion.
  This training aid has improved the putting skills of golfers from novice to the tour pro levels while providing a realistic feel and effective feedback. For more information, please visit, and it is also available by calling Burt Coyote Co., Inc. at (309) 358-1602.
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