Mizuno irons are known for their great feel to go along with performance, and the JPX EZ Forged irons are no exception. Anytime you hit these irons in the sweet spot, there is no better feel in the game of golf. You can also tell when you mishit the ball, but these irons don’t offer the harsh feel that some irons give you on mishits, nor do they give you the same feel on mishits that you get with solid strikes, which could provide inaccurate feedback. No, the JPX EZ Forged irons give you the right amount of feedback, balanced by that great Mizuono feel. According to its website, Mizuno says about these irons, “The wide sole design helps to lower the sweet spot to deliver effortless flight. Moreover, the Triple Cut sole helps the player cleanly strike the ball from all types of lies. All of these advancements were achieved without sacrificing the elite feel sensation that you only get from a Grain Flow Forged Mizuno iron.” The “effortless flight” description is dead-on, as these irons offer a great deal of ease in elevating the ball to a proper trajectory without coming close to ballooning. All in all, this is a real solid iron that, although designed for players of handicaps 8 to 18 (according to the Mizuno website), professionals and elite amateurs will enjoy their feel and performance, too. These irons are available through the USGTF’s personal use discount program with Mizuno, and may be ordered by calling the USGTF National Office at (888) 346-3290. For more information on all Mizuno products, please visit www.mizunousa.com/Golf.  
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