A revolutionary golf training mat (ForeMat) is starting to get a lot of attention. It has been successful for students of university coaches and top golf instructors. ForeMat, a new training tool with built-in instructions, corrects the most common errors of more than 80% of golfers related to aim and alignment (head control). Practicing and perfecting this pre-shot routine develops good golf habits, making it possible for the golfer to be in the best physical and mental position prior to swinging, resulting in the head of the club square at impact and a straight shot at the target. The methodology incorporates published tips of PGA tour pros such as Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els and Rory McIlroy, which contributed to their own success on the course. ForeMat was originally called “The Good Golf Habit.” Bob Toski, PGA Hall of Famer, has no hesitation in endorsing this very innovative teaching mat as the best teaching aid he has seen in 50 years. For more information, go to GolfForeMat.com.
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