In school we normally received a progress report every semester. It showed where your grades were and would give you a good idea of where you were doing well or where you needed to improve. In golf, we need to do this also, but it comes in two different forms.

As a player, we need to assess where we are, both good and bad. It can be like a report card with A, B, C, D or F grades. Beyond the grade, we need to add notes that get specific on what needs to be worked on. Once we have our progress report, then we can design our practice routine to help our improvement. This is called self-evaluation, something a lot of us are already doing.

Our students need help in this area, too. While they might perform self-evaluations, their judgment can be biased a bit. If you visit with your students about their progress, it will help their “report card” become better defined and more accurate. Plus, it gives them a great chance to develop their practice routine with their professional golf instructor.

From PGA Tour players to the weekend warriors, everyone needs to assess where their game is, with both strengths and weaknesses. Developing a plan is the only way to get better. Your students are lucky to have someone who is professionally trained to help them with through this process.
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