Teaching golf is a service industry.  It falls in the same category as restaurants, tourism, and entertainment.  The client does not have to take a lesson; he wants to take a lesson.  It is important to remember this, as golf lessons are basically luxury items. As a teaching professional we should: • Promote the game of golf. • Provide superior teaching techniques. • Deliver excellent customer service. Some interesting statistic concerning customer service: • 96% of customers who feel they were served poorly do not complain. • 90% of those who feel they were served poorly will not return for a lesson. • Each poorly served customer will tell at least nine people and some will tell over twenty. • 95% of customers will return if their problem is resolved on the spot. Providing good customer service yields “word of mouth” referrals and students who continue to take lessons. Remember to evaluate yourself by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes.  Try to imagine what it is like to take a lesson.  For instance, sometime as teaching professional we forget what it is like to be a beginning golfer. Our perception of ourselves is not always the reality.  Therefore, it is important to honestly evaluate your actions.  To grow as a teaching professional, continue your education.
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