…I pulled out my old 1961 Walter Hagan laminated driver the other day and compared it to my modern high-tech titanium/composite driver. Guess what? I hit the modern driver all of 10 yards farther than my old one when both were hit solidly.

…Speaking of distance, the median driving distance on the PGA Tour in 2012 at the time of this writing is 288.4 yards. In 2000 (beginning of titanium era), 273.2; in 1990 (beginning of metal era), 263.1; and, in 1980, firmly in the persimmon-balata era, 256.7. Let’s use 1990 as the benchmark, because at that time few thought distance was a problem in the pro game. Over the course of 14 drives, today’s players have a 354.2-yard advantage over their counterparts of 1990…so someone please explain to me why we are lengthening courses 500 or more yards.

…The talk is that the USGA, apparently under pressure from the R&A, will agree with the R&A to ban anchored putters starting in 2016. It seems the R&A doesn’t like people using these putters win majors, as Keegan Bradley, Webb Simpson, and Ernie Els have done…and it’s not helping matters when Adam Scott says how great he putts with it. But, if you look at the most accurate way of measuring putting prowess on the Tour, strokes-gained, Bradley, Simpson, Els, and Scott rank 38th, 31st, 68th, and 80th, respectively. The top putters ranked 1st through 12th all use conventional putters. Need I say more?…

…Our flagship event, the United States Golf Teachers Cup, is my favorite tournament of the approximately 5-7 I play every year. Every USGTF members should play in it at least once in their career. The camaraderie, friendships, and just plain fun are not matched anywhere.
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