Do you want to reach that next level as a golfer?  Tour players have consistent practice routine that they follow to prepare themselves for “playing the game of golf” on the actual golf course.  The following are some tips to help you improve your short game practice routine. Putting Mechanics
  • Straight 3-foot putts on chalk line.  Make a set number such as 18, 25, or more.
  • Use guide or training aids for alignment and path.
  Distance Control
  • Hit five or more long putts only working on feel.
  • Work on 15-foot putts using a 14-inch arc behind the hole
  Playing the Game
  • Three-putt game – go nine holes, and each time you three-putt you must return to “Q” School, where you must return to the 3-foot chalk line and make 10 more short putts.  A long putt made gives you an exemption from “Q” School.
  • Star Drill:  Place five balls in a 3-foot circle around a hole with various breaking putts.  You must make all five or start over.  After completion, graduate to a slightly larger (longer putt) star.
  Short Game Mechanics
  • 20 balls chipping to same hole.  Use guide or training aids for alignment and path.  The goal is good contact and technique.
  Distance Control
  • Hit three balls to one hole, and then change to another hole.
  • Work on different distances, different lies, and various club selections.
  Playing the Game
  • Up and down game – go 9 or 18 holes trying to make a chip (or pitch) and a one-putt.  The PGA Tour’s best player’s scrambling average is over 70%.  Set a number such as 60% and try to match or better it.  If you don’t, go back to “Q” School and make 10 short putts.  A chip-in gives you an extra up-and-down.
  • Random Drill:  Throw balls around a practice green with various lies, distances, and difficulty.  Try to have all your shots in a manageable putt range around the hole.
  The Top Tour Averages are: (up & downs)  75%; Sand:   65%.
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