Do you want to reach that next level as a golfer?  Tour players have consistent practice routines that they follow to prepare themselves for “playing the game of golf” on the actual golf course.  The following are some tips to help you improve your full swing practice routine. Warm-Up
  • Always start with a warm-up routine such as making slow swings with a shorter club such as a 9-iron.  Hit a few easy shots and then stretch your back, shoulders, and wrists.
  • About 5 -10 balls with every other club starting with the 9-iron or wedge.  Use a guide or training aids for alignment and path.  Work your way up to the driver using every other club in the bag.  Then work your way back down to the short irons.  The goal is good contact and technique.  Stop / rest, and then repeat later if necessary.
  Distance Control
  • Hit to certain targets with the target-specific club.
  • Practice full swings and ¾ swings (and less) especially with your short irons.  Learn to “flight” your golf ball.
  Playing the Game
  • Play your favorite hole on the driving range.  Imagine the situation and be target specific.
  • Work on different distances, different lies, different trajectories, different elements such as wind, and various club selections.
  • Golf Course:  Stop keeping score.  Become more “task-at-hand oriented.”  Keep stats such as fairways hit, greens in regulation, up and downs, and putts.
  • Play every round as if it is an important tournament; however, do not keep score.  Stay in the moment of present / present future.
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