The_Players_2009A_019 Photo by nsaplayer“The World Golf Teachers Federation, especially here in Holland, has become too strong a force to continually be denied its progress of growth by many of the game’s monopolistic entities of the past.” – Edward Verstraten, Dutch Golf Teachers Federation, on the DGTF’s recent court victory over NGF Holland, which only permitted PGA members the right to teach the Dutch public in order to achieve golf’s mandatory “green card.” This card allows golfers in Holland official permission to play at public and private courses. “It fills me with an enormous sense of well-being, plus I discovered a long time ago that I enjoyed being good at something.” – Deiter Lang, president, German Golf Teachers Federation, when asked why he enjoys the golf teaching profession. “One of my keys to success in this business is that I make a point not to over-teach. The problem with over-teaching is that it creates tension, which in turn entirely shuts down the learning process.” – Ricky Campbell, USGTF Level III member, Trinidad, in response to the question as to why his instruction programs in Trinidad were always so well attended. “Aside from the well-intentioned but harmful offering of too much information, the answer would definitely be the use of the word don’t. This is a double negative and should always be replaced by words such as ‘try not to,’ ‘try to avoid doing,’ or, ‘let’s replace this particular action with something that looks like this (demonstration).’” – Bob Wyatt, Jr., USGTF course examiner, when asked in an interview with “Metropolitan Tee Times” in Denver, what he felt was the most common error among lessexperienced teaching professionals. “When at the top of the swing, most people want to pounce upon the ball with uncontrolled fury. The key is the leisurely start down, which provides for a gradual build-up of speed without disturbing the balance or timing of the swing.” – Bobby Jones, when asked what he felt the key was to hitting long straight drives.
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