LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network with over 200 million acquired users in more than 200 countries, and we encourage all USGTF professionals to be active on this site. The USGTF has created a group called Teaching Golf, where teaching professionals and other interested individuals can discuss and create topics of interest.

Also, the USGTF has a Facebook page where pertinent articles are shared and discussed.  To “like” the USGTF on Facebook, simply go to the search box on Facebook and type in USGTF. Our page is the first listed, with over 25,000 likes. You can also access the page at

If you would like to interact with your fellow members and get the latest news from the USGTF National Office, please visit your members website at This is a valuable resource, and categories include General Information and Member News (which are public), and Teacher Talk (for registered members only). Forums in Teacher Talk include Teaching Technique, Equipment, and General Discussion. If you are already registered, please take the time to visit and offer your input. If you are not registered, please visit the site to do so, and please know that display names are to be your real name.
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