Dorado Beach #13 Photo by StonehouseGolfBy Dr. Errol Gluck My name is Dr. Errol Gluck, and for 33 years I have been helping people to transform their lives through the integration of Medical Hypnosis and Executive Life Coaching. Hypnosis was once a tool mainly used to cure addictions, phobias, and various emotional conditions, but over time, scientific discoveries have shown that hypnosis can be a powerful tool used for achieving success in sports. I am one of the most experienced and well-known Medical Hypnotists in the sports industry, with more clinical hours than most professionals reach in a lifetime. My work with PGA Tour players, as well as the countless individuals who have sought my services, are a testament to my practice and my knowledge of hypnosis. Golf is a highly strategic game that is based 90 percent on mental preparedness. For years, dedicated golfers have been searching for answers to their recurring golfing dilemmas. Golf hypnosis improves a player’s ability to concentrate, maintain focus, and control emotions during their game. Any golfer knows that a day on the course can often be emotionally draining, and often discouraging. Perhaps you made a bad shot, and couldn’t quite regain the stamina to recover from it. Our brains work in such a way that an emotionally unsettling event can continue to distract and burden us, despite our efforts to leave it in the past. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis, more than anything else, helps an athlete to stay in a productive mental zone, even after a mishap occurs in the game. During hypnosis, the mind is able to reach an intense state of relaxation, where the brain can be reprogrammed to deal with stress, distractions, and other powerful factors in a more dynamic way. Hypnosis actually increases the speed at which the brain works, and improves a player’s breathing, as well as their muscle and reflex function. Professional golfers all over the world have entrusted their time and talents to the method of hypnosis. With the help of hypnosis, you can actually develop and implement a pre-shot routine that works every time. In just a few sessions, your mind can actually be trained in such a way that it can completely recover after a bad shot, and actually make better shots more often. The ways in which hypnosis can help an athlete are truly endless. Once our minds have adopted the discipline that hypnosis creates, the possibilities for success are infinite. Our minds are extremely powerful, and the more we accept that, the more we can excel in sports and in life.
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