By Scott Henry, USGTF Professional

As a youngster, Augustin Martinez was introduced to the game by his father, who was a college golfer in the 1990s. He started to play local junior tournaments in the area by the time he was 8 years old, and attending summer golf camps for enjoyment, with it later turning into love of the game, just his father’s.

When he started, he played at a local par-3 course, which gave him his short game skills. As he grew older, Augustin (Auggie) started winning trophies at these local tournaments. When he reached me at PSJA Memorial Early College High School in Alamo, Texas, Auggie was placed onto the varsity boys golf team because of his previous experience. He did, however, struggle to compete with his peers at the time because of his lack of length off the tee and outside of tournaments, he mainly only had played the par-3 course. After a short while, he caught up with his peers and is now consistently finishing in the top 10 individually at high school golf tournaments. his has spurred Auggie on even further, practicing vigorously over the past summer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Auggie is now a senior in high school with expectations of himself ultimately wanting to land a place on a college golf team, launching him into the best of what life has to offer. His family history and passion for the game motivates him. I am proud of his accomplishments and look forward to watching him grow as a player, but even more so, as a person, in the future.

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