By Bo Harris, USGTF Professional Hunter Mousa is an 11-year-old who just started playing competitive golf last fall. He started out with a maximum handicap of 30. His initial goal was to be able to gauge how his game compared to other kids his age. He quickly found that in order to improve, he needed to focus on putting. After a few lessons using a SeeMore putter, he started to see a major improvement. He then started working on his swing and understanding the numbers on the TrackMan. Since he played baseball for many years, his focus was to improve his golf swing from inside to out. He has since lowered his handicap to 15 and shoots in the mid to low 80s. Some of his accomplishments this past year include making the varsity middle school golf team as a 5th grader, placing in the top three in his last seven tournaments, and getting his first win by shooting even par. He has a strong desire to continuously improve his game. He is now working on his distance and club speed. You can follow his golf journey on Instagram @ridamousa40. As a teaching professional I have come across numerous students of all ages that tell me how they want to get better but seem to only swing a golf club when we are together. Hunt could not be more different. He loves this game and he loves the grind. If he’s not doing his schoolwork, he has a golf club in his hands and is rigorously taking notes on what he’s doing to get better. Keep in mind, he’s only in 5th grade! To conclude, I have worked with hundreds of juniors from all aspects of talent and age, and this kid inspires me every time I see him on my lesson tee.
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