And A lot More Enjoyable Take away the frustration of learning and replace it with immediate, positive achievement. T-Golf® allows the student to initially stand tall with no spine tilt and hit the ball at waist height. The golf club is only 2 ½ feet long with a specially designed huge hitting face. The ball always gets airborne and the thrill of immediately hitting the ball is fun and builds confidence.  After success at this, the adjustable tee is then lowered slightly and more spine tilt is introduced. This continues until the student eventually replaces the T-Golf® Club for a regular 7 or 8 iron. The following testimonial is one example of what teaching professionals are saying: “Over the past six years, T-Golf® has been phenomenal for all areas of my golf business.  The beginner golfer is instantly introduced to proper ball striking and everyone from young children, to seniors, to players that had previously quit the game are thrilled with their immediate success.  Comments from my students include, “This is easy”, “This is fun”, “I can really play golf”, and “Where was this when I first tried the game?”  T-Golf’s portability and simplicity has also opened new teaching opportunities and markets for me including physically challenged individuals, rehabilitation hospitals, and Veterans Administration Hospitals. T-Golf® has been a win-win for my students and the game of golf.”   CV Golf – Saratoga, NY Charles Veeder, USGTF
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