For the past 10 years, I’ve been asking my #1 golf rep and consultant for a sand wedge especially for high handicaps and beginning golfers.  When it comes time for specialty shots, these golfers really struggle.  I wanted someone to design a club that was easy to use, impossible to miss, and could do sand and pitch shots.

During the winter, they designed the club and brought it to Milwaukee for testing.  It had a 64° loft, a shankless hosel, and most important, it bottoms out flat and slides under the ball.  You could hit sand shots from a normal set up, hit easy flop and lob shots, and also short pitch and chip shots.  I tried to make bad swings on all the shots, but still got great results.  Every shot would go high and soft, with a lot of backspin.  All these normally difficult shots were a piece of cake to pull off! Now, we have a great reason to hold a springtime demo day and clinic.  Advertise your event in local papers and driving ranges. Call it a “special event for everyone who struggles with sand shots, pitch and chip shots, and has a weak short game.”  Tell them there’s a new “weapon in town” that will solve their problems, so everyone should come out and try it for themselves.  This would also be a great program that the World Golf Coaches Alliance can incorporate into their programs.  Have the golf team members put on the clinic for the families, friends and co-workers. The club comes in men’s and ladies’, and steel or graphite shafts.  Suggested retail is $120.00 and your cost is $60.00, which is the wholesale price.  Add up some simple numbers: If you discount it to $100 for the special-event day and sell 100 total clubs at that event, that’s $10,000 in sales and $4,000 in profits for you!  I think you could hold one of these demo days every week until summer in a different geographic region of your territory.  That would make you a lot of money! This club will not be found in Dick’s, Golf Galaxy, or Golfsmith.  So, you will be the main distributor in your area.  We have a great working relationship with this company.  They have other products like anti-slice clubs and affordable products which fit in perfectly, and people would love it and use it!  For more information on Teaching Corporate Golf, please contact Russ Gorman at or 414-254-3606.
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