As teaching professionals we should always make sure that our students warm up properly before their lessons, and definitely before they play the course. The most common injuries in golf are generally to wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, lower backs and necks. Unfortunately some of these injuries cannot always be avoided, but if you warm up your joints and muscles before your golf game, you can decrease the potential for injury. A lot of players will complain of lower back, hip/pelvis, knees and shoulder problems, which are almost always as a direct result of muscle imbalances, spine alignment issues, or previous injuries. Lower back and hip/pelvis symptoms relate to poor mobility versus stability relationships between the hip flexors, gluteals, hamstrings, quads, adductors, latissimus and spinal muscles. Unless there is an underlying issue, these symptoms can almost always be fixed with simple treatment, stretching and strengthening of the deficient parts. The average golf swing puts as much stress on the joints and muscles of the body as a pitcher throwing a baseball at 90 mph. For those of us who have ever tried to throw a baseball, we know that it is very hard to generate that kind of speed to make a baseball travel that fast. So, the next time you give a lesson, make sure that your student is properly warmed up and stretched. By Arlen Bento Jr. USGTF Master Teaching Professional Arlen Bento Jr. is a Golf Sales Business Owner, Golf Product Developer and Golf Coach living in Jensen Beach, Florida. He can be reached via Facebook at or on his business website
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