The 9th USGTF-Korea Chairman’s Cup Member Golf Tournament was held on Monday, November 13 at Club D Songnisan Golf Course in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. The competition was held for those who passed regional qualifiers as full members of the USGTF-Korea and amateur players recommended by full members of the league, and was divided into five professional divisions: Men’s General, Men’s Senior, Grand Senior and Women’s General, Women’s Senior, and Amateur.

Young-min Ko won the Men’s General section; Man-wook Heo won the Men’s Senior section; Yong-tae Lee won the Grand Senior and Women’s General section; Eun-joo Kim won the Women’s Senior section, and Choi Won-il won the Amateur section. Pro Tae-hyun Kwon took second place in the Men’s General section while pro Seong-min Yoo took third. Pro Won-gil Lee took second place in the Men’s Elderly section and pro Pan-ho Lim took third place.

Professional Joo-bong Sung took second place in the Grand Senior and Women’s General division, and professional Soo-jin Ha took third place. In the Women’s Elderly category, professional Gun-hwi Won came in second and professional Eul-soon Yoon came in third.

Hee-tae Lee took second place in the amateur division, and Kyung-man Kim took third place. In addition, Ki-won Jung was awarded the Model Player Award, and the winner was awarded a prize, a trophy and a certificate.

Rather than a fierce ranking competition among participants, the competition has become a place where all participants, including their partners, and game executives share their warm feelings with a smile as the participants demonstrate their golf skills.
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