WGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional Jack Nicklaus Correa has a strong heritage in the Brazilian golf scene. Both his father Joel Correa and grandfather Guilherme are renowned golf professionals in Brazil; some even say pioneers. They made a career in the golf industry in a country were golf courses were limited and reserved for the wealthy. Like many golf professionals in Brazil, they forged their craft working their way up from the caddie ranks to head professionals. Brazil golf professionals are known for their playing and teaching skills. The Correa family also certainly fits this model. They have competed in tour-level golf, and along the way befriended some of the game’s greats such as Seve Ballesteros, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

Jack Correa was recently elected the president of PGA Brasil. All the members in the room knew of the hard work and dedication to the industry that the Correa family have contributed. There were none more proud than his father Joel. The family has been a steward of the game of golf in Brazil. The torch has been passed to keep the flame alive.

Jack Correa’s brother Kennedy Correa continues the tradition, as well. He continues the legacy in the USA. Kennedy is a golf professional at The Old Course at Broken Sound in Boca Raton, Florida. If you haven’t noticed, Jack was named after Jack Nicklaus and Kennedy was named after John F. Kennedy. Joel and Guilherme’s legacy in the golf industry of Brazil has been passed down to future generations.

Jack Correa’s vision (like his grandfather, father, and brother) is to continue to grow the game of golf. The history of golf in Brazil dates back to the construction of the São Paulo Railway at the end of the 19th century. Scottish and English railroad engineers constructed and founded the São Paulo Golf Club.

The Brazilian Golf Confederation, also known as CBG, was created in 1958. This group is similar to the USGA and conducts the amateur  events. The Brasil PGA can trace its roots back to the early 1900s, but officially became an entity in 1970. Many dedicated past presidents,  such as WGTF members Luis Martins and Luiz Menezes, have helped shape the Brasil PGA through the years of growth. In 2002, Thomas T  Wartelle, WGTF Master Golf Teaching Professional and PGA of America member, was invited to Brazil to hold a training course on teaching  golf. This, and subsequent training courses, helped further the growth and expand the technical skills of the organization.

After the Olympics in 2016, the growth of the game continues. There are about 25,000 golfers in the country and over 130 golf facilities. In partnership with large companies and sponsors, the federations and golf professionals look to increase the training of young golfers. The expectation is to reach 250,000 kids through these programs. One such academy is based at the Olympic Club. Correa works with a team of professionals created to develop a world-class golf training facility. The club features the championship Olympic Course, professional practice range, short-game area, and a four-hole practice course.

The most famous Brazilian golfer to ever play was Mr. Jaime Gonzalez. His legacy lives on with several PGA Tour players and LPGA Tour players. However, the backbone of golf in Brazil lies in its golf professionals, who work tirelessly to teach and promote the game. Many of the professionals come from families with a strong golf heritage like the Correa family. Often, the profession is passed down several generations. We salute the golf families like the Correas and countless other professionals in Brazil that continue to pursue their passion and grow the great game of golf!

“PGA of Brazil and WGTF partnership has been a tremendous asset to our professionals. Thomas T Wartelle helped develop this  relationship between our organizations. His input has been an important partnership to help us reach greater international recognition. The  WGTF has furthered our knowledge of teaching techniques. In addition, our relationship keeps us in constant contact with the best teachers in the world and brings that knowledge to share with our Brazilian professionals. We also love the opportunity to share our experiences with  other WGTF members worldwide. PGA of Brazil is honored to be in this partnership. We plan to keep working together and look forward to holding more WGTF teaching seminars. This helps us improve our professionals and keeps our relationship growing stronger. We would also like to host the World Golf Teachers Cup at the Olympic Golf Club in Rio de Janeiro one day.” – Jack Correa
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