Ball position and stance width are two key fundamentals that can have a great effect on a golfer’s impact position.  The following data is an average of the measurements for these positions from over 100 Tour players.  How do you measure up?  Ball Position
  • For the driver, the ball is positioned directly in line with the lead foot instep.
  • The ball slightly moves progressively back in the stance with each club.
  • From the driver to the 9-iron, the ball moves back 2.7 inches for Tour professionals.
  • For individuals with extremely wide stances, the ball can move slightly further back but not more than 5 inches or past the center point.
Stance Width
  • The stance width with a 5-iron should be shoulder width.
  • The driver stance is the widest, with averages near 2 inches outside of the shoulders for each foot.
  • The 9-iron stance is 2 inches narrower than each shoulder.
  • The lead foot is opened toward the target (flared) 25 degrees.
Distance from the ball  These are measurements with standard clubs from the end of the lead foot (toe) to the center of the ball.  Excessively large or small foot size can change this slightly.  The average foot size is 11. Proper distance from the ball (toe to center of the ball) is dictated mostly by length of club. This distance can also be affected by numerous body characteristics, including height (taller = closer), shoulder and hip width (narrower = closer), arm length (shorter = closer), and foot size (larger = closer).  The reality is that most people will fall between these tolerances.  Height, arms, hips, and foot size only have a slight effect on distance.
  • The driver distance (45- to 46-inch driver) is between 32 to 36 inches from the ball (pro average: 33 to 34 inches)
  • The 5-iron distance is between 22 to 26 inches (average 24 inches).
  • The 9-iron distance is between 18 to 22 inches (average 22 inches)
  • For every inch in length of a golf club, there is a .5 inch (1/2 inch) difference in distance.
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