Those who watched the World Golf Championship at Doral this year saw something very interesting.  Adam Scott tried to drive the short par-4 16th hole.  His tee shot went just over the green in a bunker.  It was a very straightforward bunker shot, on the upslope with a good lie.  What happened next was the interesting part. He shanked his bunker shot.  It almost went into the other greenside bunker.  It was a horrible shot, in fact, and embarrassing to the point that Scott apologized to his caddie for hitting the shot.  Now he is short-sided in deep rough with an awkward stance.  Scott was able to shake off the shanked bunker shot and focus on the most important shot, his next shot. He hit a great flop shot and made par.  He went on to win the golf tournament with another great up-and-down on the 18th hole.  The most important shot is always your next shot.  Once you have played a shot, either good or bad, it is time to focus on the next one. Dwelling on what we did poorly or letting the previous shot affect our mindset on the next shot is going to produce poor results.  Clear your mind, allow yourself to get over the last shot, and then focus on the shot at hand.  Adam Scott didn’t let the poor bunker shot affect him; you shouldn’t either.
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