By Mike Stevens

Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy recently complained that there was not enough time between the major championships to adequately prepare. They were also critical that the season that used to carry into August was now over in July. I guess they forgot about the $15 million that players were chasing in the playoffs that concluded on August 25th. Rory could not understand how football could cause such a dramatic change in scheduling. Quite understandable, since Europeans have no idea how passionate we colonists are about the most popular sport in America. The NFL and NCAA take no back seat once the training camps and practice sessions begin.

Is the time between major championships really an issue? I think that depends on whether you consider the Players a major tournament. Many do, but yes or no, it is one of five huge tournaments each year. The only difference in 2018 versus 2019 was when the Players was conducted. In 2018 it was 31 days after the Masters. In 2019 it was 30 days before the Masters. In reality, the length of time between the “Big 5” this year was more consistent than in 2018, about 29 days. In the previous year, the PGA was held only 17 days after the Open Championship. So, in my opinion, the new schedule is just right. Golfers will adjust; they always do.
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