The golf teaching professional should teach and set an example of the proper etiquette on the golf course.   In the USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews rulebook, the section on etiquette is only a few pages.  But, conduct on the golf course is much more than just two pages in a rulebook.  As golf instructors, we should never assume that a student already knows proper etiquette on the golf course.  Often, simple etiquette issues like pace of play, where to stand, or how to repair a ball mark are often overlooked. The professional should know and play by the rules.  Frequently, we are asked to answer a rules question.  The key is to have knowledge of how to use the rulebook.  It is not necessary to memorize all of the rules of golf.  However, the golf instructor should be able to navigate and find answers in the rulebook.  We should encourage students to follow the rules and etiquette. In the last few years, there has been a lowering of standard in regard to etiquette and the rules.  For example, for many golfers “winter rules” or “preferred lies” are becoming more common. The pace of play has also become considerably slower.  There are many factors that contribute to this such as golf cars, long courses built with great distance between greens and tees, slow golfers, too many people on the course, etc.  As a golf instructor, you are a role model and can influence golfers’ pace of play habits.  Set the standard for your students and they will notice and emulate. Within the last 30 years, golf cars have become common in the United States.  Sadly, it has brought on the demise of walking and the caddie.   Many times, courses opt for the economic benefit of the golf car rather than uphold the tradition of the game.  While golf cars are acceptable for people who do not have the capacity to walk 18 holes, there is a certain aspect of the game that can only be experienced by walking.  Unfortunately, the trend is that many courses now do not provide the opportunity to walk. As golf teachers, we should teach the rules, etiquette, and tradition.  This shows that you are a true professional who conducts himself as such.  The rules, etiquette, and tradition are what makes golf such a great game.
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