Chris Richards of Trinidad and Tobago was only 12 years old when he was first introduced to the world of golf, and he believes that event changed his life forever.  His older cousin Marlon Nunes, who was a caddie at the Chaguaramas Golf Club, encouraged Chris to come and work at the course to make some extra money, and Marlon promised to show him the “ropes.” Chris didn’t know a thing about golf – he had never swung a club before – but the second that he did, he fell head over heels in love with the game. “I picked up the club, swung, and missed completely!” mused Chris, “But that just made me want to try again. So I kept trying and I haven’t stopped since.” At that time, Chris was a student at Diego Martin Junior Secondary School, living with his mother.  Other boys his age were getting involved in all kinds of wayward activities like drugs, alcohol, stealing, and getting in trouble with the law.  He took a long hard look around and knew what he wanted for himself.  What he wanted most was to make his mother proud, so instead of getting into trouble, he got into golf.    And… in a big way. By the age of 14, Chris became a member at Chaguaramas Golf Club, and later that year played in his first tournament.  He stunned everyone by winning it, all within the six years of picking up a club.  Chris had earned himself a +3 handicap.  Ten years ago, Chris went to study at the U.S. Golf Teachers Federation and earned his Level 3 Certified Golf Teaching Professional license.  Chris is more interested in the personal development aspect of the game, and coaching is something he finds rewarding.  “I love that coaching aspect of golf, even after a lifetime of playing it.  I see there is still so much for me to learn.” Golf starts with fundamentals, I’ve learnt that you don’t teach someone to play like how you play; you have to bring out the golfer in them.  Presently, Chris is a Certified Master Golf Teaching Professional and is based in Trinidad and Tobago.  Chris believes the turning point in his life was golf.      
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