By Mike Stevens, USGTF Contributing Writer

I don’t use Facebook nearly as much as some people do. I especially don’t get on to see political opinions. If and when I post, it is light stuff about things I find interesting, places I visit, or to see what friends or family are up to. Despite that, general topics seem to find their way into my stream whenever I do pull up the site. Mostly I ignore them, but one popped up the other day that caught my attention. It was titled the “Reverse Slice Sequence.” Apparently, one can cure their slice in 15 shots, according to the author. They claim a 99% success rate. It may be entirely true and is probably one of many ways to help fix a slice.

What bothered me, though, is that within their promotion they spent much of the time disparaging golf instructors and how they have been teaching incorrectly for years. Told golfers to stop wasting their time with incompetents and get on board with their right-brain method. I helped a lot of people correct a slice over the years, and the reason for the slice was not always the same in each case. People are different and their swings are often different for many reasons. Sometimes your approach must be based on what the person can or can’t do.

Most of the golf teachers I know are pretty good at what they do and not all teach the same, but they get results. If a person wants to teach a certain way and it works, great, but don’t denigrate others that do it differently and have success.
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