The ball flight science of OptimalFlight was used to reverse-engineer Tiger Woods’ likely ball flight trajectory into the 14th hole water hazard at TPC Sawgrass.  OptimalClub presented the analyzed results as follows: Here are some amazing facts about this golf shot. 1) It had a high curving right-to-left ball flight which traveled 239 yards.  The white likely-ball-flight-line reveals the ball crossing the margin of the hazard at 199 yards, or 40 yards shorter than the splash point. 2) The ball landed in water only 8.3 yards from the shoreline. 3) Live telecast video review reveals ball flight time was exactly 8 seconds. This result is possible with a combination of a higher than usual launch angle and high spin rate. 4) Tiger hit the ball with a descending attack angle and created an in-to-out divot. These impact conditions and an off-center strike created a much stronger right-to-left hook flight than usual. 5) A right-to-left crosswind of 8 miles per hour and was also factor in shaping the ball flight to the left. (The full 24 page report analyzing the shot may be downloaded by clicking here. It is a fun read and easy to follow.) OptimalFlight ball flight software is available free for a 7-day trial (download it from It includes “TIGER’S SAWGRASS BALL FLIGHT PUZZLE SOLVED” graphical report in pictures showing how the golf shot was recreated.  Play what-if with the launch conditions and learn how it affects downrange results. OptimalClub iPhone app completes the club selection feedback picture for any golf shot, how wind affects club distances, and where to aim. For more information on OptimalClub iPhone/iPad app, please visit and/or search optimalclub in the iTunes App Store. Todd M. Kos QualityGolfStats, LLC
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