When you have students that don’t seem to want to practice or they are not quite getting what you are teaching them I have found that writing out a lesson plan for each student really helps.

Over the years I have developed a five part program that puts the major aspects of the golf game into a format that students can understand. I call each program a Box and I use the idea to combine practice programs with on the course pre shot routines and swing thoughts. Box 1 – Driver ( I give each student a swing thought, an idea on what we are working on and a plan on how to practice) They can take the swing thought to the course and they can evaluate if what they are working on is getting better. Box 2 – Fairway, Box 3 Long Irons / Hybrids, Box 4 Mid / Short Irons, Box 5 – Short Game.

Each part of the game has a different swing thought. If you notice putting is missing – that is because putting is game by itself as is the more advanced parts of short game.

In each Box you can develop your own concepts and ideas to help your students. I try to get all my students to practice in each Box at each practice session. I ask them to allot time based on how much total time the have to practice. If the have an hour, then they only have 10 minutes after they warm up to practice. I tell my students that if they really want to get better the have to allot a minimum of 2 hours, 3 times per week to get better, the also need to get on the course 2-3 times per week.

Arlen Bento Jr. is a USGTF Master Teaching Professional, former Head Golf Professional of the PGA Country Club and PGA Village and Director of Golf at Eagle Marsh Golf Club in Jensen Beach, FL. He is the Director of Junior Instruction at the Stuart Yacht and Country Club in Stuart, FL and He can be reached via his website at www.abjgolfsales.com
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