Ontal is the world’s leading custom golf and athletic apparel company. Now they also own the Corporate Golf Wellness business that has been a huge success for over 20 years. Ontal Corporate Golf Wellness combines golf apparel, equipment and the corporate golf world. What does this mean for members of the USGTF? Geoff Bryant, using his golf world insight, saw the positive impact on USGTF members with OntalCGW’s business plan. Members would now gain all the profitable programs offered by OntalCGW: –       Your USGTF membership allows you access to all the major golf companies. This includes golf clubs, balls, bags and other accessories that you can sell profitably. –       Your affiliation with OntalCGW gives you exclusive access to a golf line known as “Golfers Hospital” that is made to help beginning and high-handicap golfers. –       OntalCGW will help you grow your instruction business through: o   Corporate instruction through wellness programs o   Collegiate instruction for faculty and students along with licensed custom apparel o   New programs for high school and college golf teams o   National membership groups (for example, Executive Women’s Golf Association) o   Local, regional and national golf events –       A national golf sales force to help grow your golf instruction business. For more information and your unique log-in, contact Dan Webb at dan@ontalcgw.com or (888) 560-8680.    
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