The skeptics said it couldn’t be done.  They said back in 1989 that a new golf teaching organization would be doomed to failure.  Of course, they were wrong, and how.

Today in 2012 as the USGTF begins its 24th year of operations, the organization is bigger and better than ever.  The USGTF has provided thousands of individuals a pathway in to the golf teaching business – a pathway of the sort that did not exist prior to 1989.  Back then, and individual wanting to teach golf as a certified member of a professional organization had to work many long hours in a pro shop, getting to teach only when the head professional allowed it.

USGTF members can be found in all 50 states and in many foreign nations.  Not only do they hold the title of teaching professional, they are also directors of golf, head professionals, course managers, golf coaches, and more.  People in other countries, seeing the success of the USGTF, formed their own teaching organizations, and these entities became part of the World Golf Teachers Federation, the world’s largest organization of golf professionals.

Quite the opposite of what the skeptics originally thought, wouldn’t you say?

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