By: Ter Hsiu Chen   I have been a chiropractor and doctor of naturopathic medicine practicing in Southern California for the past 17 years. Throughout my years of being a chiropractor, I have focused most of my work towards preventing scoliosis and sports injuries for my patients. I have had the opportunity to work with many different golfers from many different skill levels, including Corey Castner (1999 long drive record, 441 yards), Joey Citro (Pepsi Tour, Golden State Tour), Pearl Jin (youngest woman to qualify for the U.S. Women’s Amateur championship at age 12), James Moseley (NCAA Division II Golfer), and many more. Through years of experience and effort, I have become the first Taiwanese USGTF Master Teaching Professional and examiner.   In the past, when I have worked with these players, I have not only stressed the importance of coaching these players with my knowledge of golf, but I have also placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of posture and its effects on sports injuries. I have always felt that in order to become a great and accomplished golfer, one must have not only mastered the fundamentals, but perfect his physical health, as well.  I believe that my experiences as a chiropractor and master teaching professional complement one another.   My hope is to start a new examiner’s branch in my home country, in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. The current level of professional golf coaching in Taiwan is poor; but that being said, I feel that it has a great opportunity to grow and become better. I have golfed and traveled around Taiwan, and I see many players with what I would call “homegrown” swings. These golfers do not have the opportunity to take lessons with teaching pros, yet they still have the drive and desire to become great golfers. I believe that many people would benefit by my starting a branch of the USGTF in Taiwan. I also believe that I can expand the World Golf Teacher’s Federation in Taiwan.
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