The correct video camera is an excellent teaching aid and an essential tool for the teaching professional.  It provides the ability to freeze the action, slow the swing down, and give added information when diagnosing faults.  But, caution must be taken with our analysis.  We do not want the student to become confused and lose confidence. Positioning of the camera is essential.  The ideal position is at right angles to certain points.  One important point is the hands.  Therefore, the camera should be at right angles and at the level of the hands.   Other camera angles are possible but often require more specialized equipment. The two most used camera positions are facing the student (Teaching Position 1) and behind the student between the intended target line and body (Teaching Position 3). The camera you invest in should be simple to use and compatible with your software for playback and video replication.  It should have features that are designed specifically for high-speed video resolution such as a golf swing. The next step is to review the video by using a software program to analyze a student’s action.  A good software programs offer some of the following features: • Slow Motion Playback, Reverse Motion Playback. • Drawing Tools, Angle Measurement Tool, Grid Tool. • Side by Side Comparison. • Overlay Two Videos. • Still Shot Export/Printing. • Save Videos with Markings. • Ability to Create Video Lessons. • Lessons are created in a format where the student can play video on any computer or DVD player. • Pricing Point that is Ideal for a Golf Teaching Professional There are many fine programs available at different pricing points.  The best piece of advice is to research and be well-informed before investing in any of these products.  Make sure to understand your system’s compatibilities and what your teaching needs are.  Often, the best systems are simple to use and offer less frills than some of the other systems.
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