Back in 1989, a radical concept was born:  Create an organization strictly to train golf teachers, without the other duties normally associated with a club professional.That concept became the United States Golf Teachers Federation, and in 2014 the USGTF celebrates its 25th anniversary. Many “experts” in 1989 and in the early 1990s said that the USGTF wouldn’t last, that it wasn’t possible to train golf teachers in a week. What they didn’t know was that learning to teach golf involves learning a few core concepts that, indeed, could be taught and learned in a short time frame. They were caught off-guard when newly-minted USGTF professionals went out and soon had avid followings of students at golf courses and driving ranges all across the country. Today, over 25,000 people worldwide have gone through the certification process as part of the World Golf Teachers Federation. These members take advantage of numerous benefits, including worldwide recognition, industry discounts, insurance programs, continuing education, and the World Golf Teachers Cup, along with numerous national and regional tournaments. The USGTF in 2014 continues its mission of training and certifying golf teaching professionals, helping to promote the game both nationally and internationally. The first 25 years have been quite a successful journey, and undoubtedly the next 25 years will bring more of the same.  
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