In comparison to previous years, the game of golf has been advanced in recent years. People of all ages are now interested in the game these days. I’ve been a golf professional at RNGC (Royal Nepal Golf Club) for a long time, and according to my study, the club has gained many new members this year compared to last. In Nepal’s history, one of the schools has also adopted golf as one of their regular sports, which means that the golf game of our students will be much more knowledgeable and improved in the future, and the interest in the game will be enhanced among the youth. Despite the fact that we are currently under lockdown, we can find golf players engaged in indoor net practice. Knowing about the indoor practice, we can conclude that the players’ commitment to golf is exceptional.

RNGC has decided to focus more on the underprivileged in the junior program and provide them with more practice sessions. The underprivileged group is made up of ten boys and ten girls. Many government officers, including members of the Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, the Nepal Army and Nepal Ministers, are now interested in golf. As interest among government personnel grows, we are expecting to receive some support from the country in the near future. Despite the fact that we lack a source of funding and government support for golf, I will continue to work hard to grow and increase interest in the sport in Nepal. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all of the USGTF and WGTF members who have supported me during my journey.  

By Sachin Bhattari, WGTF Advisory Board Member, Nepal

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