2021 Dues Notices Sent Out – Exciting New Changes

USGTF membership cards will now include members personal photos and be colored designating members level of membership. In addition, WGTF membership cards will be included at no additional cost with all 2021 renewals.

USGTF membership offers many benefits, including industry discounts and recognition, group liability insurance, marketing opportunities, tournament participation, ongoing education, and most importantly, the right to continue to call yourself a USGTF member in good standing.

USGTF dues remain modest and are payable online at www.usgtf.com/renew, or through regular mail at USGTF National Office, 200 S. Indian River Drive, Suite 206, Fort Pierce, FL 34950.

Thank You For The Many Top 100 Teachers Nominations and Support

Many WGTF members were nominated for the World Golf Teachers Federation Top 100 Teachers list. Nominations were submitted by both WGTF members and federation presidents. We at the National Office deeply appreciate all nominations, as being nominated is an honor in itself.

Those who are selected for the Top 100 Teachers list have demonstrated a teaching knowledge and acumen that is among the best in the industry. But being a top teacher isn’t solely about teaching ability. It also deals with successfully marketing a business and promoting the game of golf. Those who have been selected truly deserve the honor and should be proud of this outstanding accomplishment. The list of the 100 teachers selected will be released in the next issue of Golf Teaching Pro magazine.

New Equipment Releases:

Callaway Golf recently released a new line of Big Bertha B21 woods and irons, both designed with the slicer in mind. The woods feature a slight offset with heel weighting, while the irons feature more offset and wider soles. Both woods and irons feature club faces designed by artificial intelligence.

Titleist Golf is introducing new drivers and fairways woods in the form of TSi2 and TSi3 models. The TSi2 is designed for straight performance while the TSi3 is designed to be more workable.

Mizuno Golf recently launched its JPX 921 series of irons. The JPX series have more forgiveness than the traditional MP series. Models include the Hot Metal, Hot Metal Pro, Forged, and Tour.

Ping Golf will soon bring to market its G425 line of drivers and fairway woods. They will be the most forgiving woods in Ping’s history, and will come with Arccos Caddie Smart Grip and Smart Sensor technology.

Tour Edge, the company with “the most bang for your buck,” will have its new 521 line of woods and irons available in November.

International PGA Renewals Now Available at USGTF Headquarters

The International PGA is a strong supporter of the USGTF, the WGTF, and golf professionals everywhere. Certified Golf Teaching Professionals and Master Golf Teaching Professionals in good standing are eligible to become members of the International PGA. To either become a member or renew your current membership, log on to www.InternationalPGA.org or contact the USGTF National Office directly at (772) 88-USGTF ([772] 888-7483).

Players Test Positive For Covid-19 on PGA Tour

Dustin Johnson became the most prominent player to date to test positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Unlike other players who minor or no symptoms, he has experienced some symptoms beyond that, but nothing major. He is expected to return for the Masters. To date, the protocol in place on the PGA and LPGA Tours seems to be working well, as both tours continue to operate smoothly to this point.

Stevens Named to Hickory Hall of Fame

USGTF Southeast Region director Mike Stevens was inducted into the Hickory Golf Hall of Fame on October 5 in a ceremony at the Happy Hollow Golf Club in Omaha, Nebraska. Stevens was one of five people chosen for the honor. The others were noted historian Dr. David Hamilton of St Andrews, Scotland; Jorgen Linse, Bromma, Sweden; Joe Lauber, Zurich, Switzerland, and Pehr Thermaenius, Taby, Sweden. The HOF honor recognizes their contributions to hickory golf and dedication to preserving the history of the game. Stevens is also the three-time National Hickory champion and is the founder of the United States Professional Hickory Championship.

“PRO” File – Phil Mickelson

“PRO” File – Phil Mickelson

If it weren’t for Tiger Woods, he would be considered the best golfer of the last 30 years. But playing second fiddle to perhaps the greatest player to lace up a pair of golf shoes in history isn’t all that bad and has its perks, too.

Phil Mickelson didn’t win his first major championship until he was 33 years old, just one year younger than Arnold Palmer when he won his last major. Mickelson went on to win four more majors, including the one that even he thought he would never win, The Open. He is one of the most fascinating characters ever to grace the fairways in terms of charisma, daring on the course, and his views on just about every subject known to man. He is well-known for giving his time to fans.

Now that he has turned 50, Mickelson has played two PGA Tour Champions events, winning both. Although he can still win on the big tour, he can no longer win with the frequency a younger Mickelson had, which makes observers wonder if he’ll spend more time on the Champions tour in order to score more victories. Look for him to play most of the senior majors with a few regular events sprinkled in.

EDITORIAL – Time to Stop Shortchanging the Ladies

Go to about any golf course and there are usually three to four sets of tees. Of those, there is only one for the average woman. Often, it is about 10 yards or less from the most forward men’s tee.

I teach quite a few average female golfers. On their best day, they will drive it about a maximum of 150 yards. At many of the courses in town, there is not one par-4or par-5 that they can reach in regulation. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “My goal is to get on a par-4 in three shots or a par-5 in four or five shots.” We should at least give them a chance to reach holes in regulation. Scorecards list par for every hole, and while that is the score an expert golfer is expected to make, there is satisfaction in making this score for anyone. Women who have to one-putt from 20 or more feet to make a par seldom do, as would anyone. So, allowing them a chance to reach the hole in regulation would result in more pars.

Is there any reason we can’t have two sets of tees for the gals to make the game more enjoyable? It would not be that hard to set up a shorter course for them. A new “tee box” could be mowed in the fairway, if necessary. Some courses do this with “family tees,” where markers and a new tee box are cut in the fairway anywhere from 150 to 200 yards out. The same can be done for the ladies. Based on my observation and work with such golfers, the maximum length of holes should be 375 yards for a par-5; 275 yards for a par-4, and 125 yards for a par-3. This would give them a good chance at breaking 100 regularly and making the game much more fun.

By Mike Stevens, USGTF Contributing Writer