Golf In KoreaBrandon Lee, president of USGTF-Korea, hosted the USGTF-Korea National Awards 2018 dinner on December 16, 2018. He invited 50 people who have been the most dedicated to the development of the USGTF-Korea federation and the Korean golf industry for 2018. He also awarded the 2018 Achievement Award of USGTF-Korea to two winners, the Certificate of Recognition for Top 10 Teachers of USGTF-Korea for 2018 and the 2018 Best Teacher Award.

Seoung Gweon Choi, professor of Yong In University, and Hyun Jeong Kang, attorney of Kim & Shin, were selected for the 2018 Achievement Award of USGTF-Korea, and Woo Hyun Kwon, Kyung Sick Kim, Woo Tae Kim, Ki Beom Park, Cheol Hee Park, Kyong Soo Seok, Kwang Bok Shin, Woo Jae Jeong, Hae Kyeong Choi and Yoon Sang Hwang were selected for the Top 10 Teachers of USGTF-Korea for 2018. Cheol Hee Park was selected for the 2018 Best Teacher Award of USGTF-Korea.

Lee plans to continue  this annual event so that it will become a tradition of USGTF-Korea and become a place to encourage those who contribute to the development of the Korean golf industry as well as the USGTF- Korea Federation.

Golf In Korea Golf In KoreaGolf In Korea
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