• Protandim is a patented, all natural supplement that combats oxidative stress through Nrf2 activation.
  • Created by world renowned Biochemist, Dr. Joe McCord.
  • Destroys 1 million free radicals per second every second.
  • Reverses Oxidative Stress in all mammals by 40% in 30days.
  • Enable cells to survive damage by toxic free radicals, and down-regulate other genes that promote inflammation and fibrosis to help your body function at an optimal level.
  • Produces a 300% natural increase in Glutathione, a potent detoxifier for our immune system to function properly.
  • Recognized on “ABC Primetime” in 2005 as scientific breakthrough.
  • Backed by dozens of scientific studies by the nation’s top universities and medical schools.
  • Publicly traded company on the NASDAQ: LFVN
  • A great add-on business opportunity with unlimited income potential.                                                                         
 For more information visit: LifeVantage Walter Beck USGTF Member 1-866-933-3374 prostee@rocketmail.com 
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