Do you get frustrated when your students don’t play up to their potential? Do you want to learn how to teach your students how to handle pressure more effectively? Are you interested in becoming more knowledgeable about golf psychology? Would you like a golf psychology consultant certificate from the USGTF? The USGTF presents the Master the Mental Game educational series. If you are only teaching the physical components of the swing to your students, you may be missing a key element to having them play their best. Master the Mental Game is a one-of-a-kind educational series, because it not only teaches you the secrets of the mental game, but also illustrates how to teach the mental game to your students. You can read books on the subject and see a few lectures, but understanding how to apply the material to your students can be very difficult. Master the Mental Game gives you hands-on techniques that you can easily apply to help your students develop their own mental toughness. Participants in this educational series will learn the Mental and Emotional Strengths program. This program discusses five key strengths that are essential to mastering the mental game. These strengths include: – Having self-awareness – Being confident – Being connected – Being fearless – Purposeful practice The cost of the educational series is $295 per participant for the full-day program. At the end of the educational series, you will receive a golf psychology consultant certificate from the USGTF; a copy of MentalRules for Golf; and a copy of the MESAT (mental toughness assessment) to use with your students. This event will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 30. Other venues are possible, depending upon participation. If interested in this class, please contact Dr. Gregg Steinberg, the USGTF’s sports psychology consultant, at, or call 931-206-1328. For more information about Dr. Steinberg, visit his website at
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