Rafael Conde has been the president of the Mexican Golf Teachers Federation (MGTF) since its inception. Like many WGTF members, he came to golf from another career.

Prior to founding the MGTF, Conde served as a chemical engineer for companies such as Kimberley Clark and Frito Lay. He earned his Master Golf Teaching Professional certification in 1999 and at that point really got into teaching the game.

“Since then, I have been active as a golf teacher in Mexico, having the opportunity to certify many golf teaching professionals from all over the country,” said Conde. “Additionally, I am providing certification for caddies in many private golf clubs. Also, I hold a certification for consulting in agronomical treatment of golf course grass. This practice have offered me the opportunity to get in touch with golf club managers, greenskeepers and all personnel involved in the maintenance of golf courses.”

The MGTF has thrived under Conde’s leadership. The organization has made many inroads in the Mexican golf scene, and Conde plans to engage golf professionals who are not MGTF members to consider the benefits of certification. Conde notes that the upcoming year will provide a special challenge. “2021 is going to represent a special challenge due to COVID-19, but our efforts are going to be focused to promote certifications at all levels.”

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