Back in 1989 when the USGTF was founded, the only other option to have some accreditation for golf teaching was the PGA of America (and the LPGA Teaching Division for women). Founder Geoff Bryant figured there were people who just wanted to teach golf and not concern themselves with the other duties of the traditional club pro.

And he was right. Thirty-four years later, the USGTF continues to be the most prestigious organization of golf teaching professionals. There have been a few other contenders come (and in some cases go) over the years, but none have the cachet the USGTF does. For example, a recent Google search turned up over 91,000 results for “USGTF” compared to just 7,800 for another organization. The USGTF is also the most widely recognized and sought after. Rest assured those of us at the National Office are working tirelessly to make sure this continues far into the future.
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