Immediately after the new summer issue reached USGTF members, we started getting reaction to our new SWING THOUGHTS teaching diary ( ZCard). These are a few of the first comments about this new teaching aid. Richard Zivsak of Macedonia, Ohio, said, “What a great idea for both the teacher and student. I’ve been using index cards for years to make notes for my students, but these are much better. Where have these been my whole life?” Bill Harm of Harmony Golf Schools says, “This card is a great way for me to market myself to my students. Plus, it’s a great way for my golfers to remember what we are working on. This tool has been such an easy sell to every student I’ve shown it to.” Dale Palaucheck of Bottom Line Golf says, “Like Nick Price wrote, ‘I have always kept my own swing thoughts written down.’ Now my golf students can do the same, all in one neatly packaged card. I was going to give every student a card, but everyone loved them so much, I sold them instead.” Stephanie Campbell of Ontal Golf Academy had this to say: “What a cool card for students to keep a permanent record of my lesson swing thoughts and drills. This card was really easy to sell because my golfers loved the concept so much.” Dan Webb of Tee It Up driving range says, “This is the best new teaching tool I’ve seen in years.  What a simple idea that is beneficial to both the teacher and the student. Plus, the golfer will need more cards after taking additional lessons.” Kathy Hester of On Target Golf says, “It sounds like a great new product that I can sell to every one of my students.  I can’t wait to get my sample card that I ordered.” Every USGTF teacher should order at least one sample card to see in person how this neat (ZCard) product can make them a more creative teacher, and extra money.  To inquire, please e-mail or call (888) 506-8680.    
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