The USGTF has a wide diversity in its membership, including people of all ages, nationalities, and races. One such example is Rupak Prasad Acharya from Kathmandu, Nepal. Acharya is the assistant golf professional at Gokarna Forest Resort and Spa in the shadows of the Himalaya Mountains. Another is Zarina Yestemessov, a native of Kazakhstan. She speaks many languages and has lived in many countries. Hajime Morita from Japan was recently hired as the head teaching professional at the prestigious Tokyo Golf Club.   G.S. Gill from India is another international member who has made his mark in the golf teaching profession. Here is his story:   It was one of the dreams of my life to get certified by the United States Golf Teachers Federation. I live in the country of India and was bitten by the golf bug in the year 2000, when I visited the United States for the first time.   My Uncle, Atma Singh, was the first to introduce me to golf. He is 76 years of age and a retired colonel in the Indian Army. During his career, he was a single digit player and won many championships. Under his guidance, I, too, became a proficient player and completed my Level II USGTF certification in August 2011 in Woodstown, New Jersey.   Back home, I was offered the opportunity to teach 38 young officers of the Indian Army. I have now introduced the game to over 100 people, and so many others are approaching me nearly every day for instruction. One of my students, a 14-year-old named Shashwat Jamwal, was the runner-up in the recent Himalayan Endeavours Cup. I have contacted USGTF Master Teaching Professional Craig Wolfe in New Jersey to further train this young boy in the USA.   Along with my teaching, I have been asked to provide technical support for several major golf tournaments in my country. I am indebted to the USGTF and their office staff in Florida for all of their help and support.   (Editor’s note: If you would like to be profiled in an upcoming e-newsletter, please send your information to with the subject line “Member Profile.” Please include a picture with no hat or sunglasses, and remember to smile!)
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