Lombardi, Jackson, Bowman, LaRussa, Wooden, and Gibbs. These coaches are known as some of the best to have ever carried a whistle and worn a cap. Yves Therrien from Quebec, Canada, has not made that list, but if there were a list for great coaches of multiple sports, he would likely be among the best. A longtime member of the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation (CGTF), Therrien has been teaching and coaching a variety of sports for over 25 years and has produced his share of champions. Bob Bryant, president of the CGTF, describes Therrien’s contributions to the organization rather succinctly, “Yves is an integral part of the CGTF,” said Bryant.  “He is a talented golfer, knowledgeable in all areas of the game, bilingual in French and English, and most importantly, personable and fun to be with.  As a CGTF Level IV member and examiner, these are all great attributes to have in certifying other teaching professionals in the province of Quebec.” Therrien has university training in biomechanics, sports physiology, and sports psychology.  He has coached nationally and internationally in various sports such as freestyle skiing, sailing, car racing, and snowboarding. Furthermore, some of the athletes he has coached in those sports represented Canada in major world events, and in 1994 one of his more renowned students, skier Jean-Luc Brassard, won a gold medal in moguls at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics in Norway. According to Yves, coaching a gifted athlete can be difficult. These individuals may need a boost at times, or in some cases the competitor may only need their space. While Therrien recognizes this, he also follows the belief that preparation for elite athletes is the most important key for them to perform well. Additionally, his philosophy is that you must plan for success and failure. Planning for success is important. And, although every athlete goes through highs and lows in their careers, planning and learning from poor performances is also an important key to eventual success. Greg Salazar, a fellow CGTF teaching professional and close friend to Yves, says, “Yves has something about him that is very special. His ability to get his point across in an uncomplicated manner is uncanny.” He adds, “Personally, any advice Yves gives to me regarding either the mechanics of the swing or the mental aspect of playing the game is taken seriously.” One of Yves’ current clients is Canadian amateur champion Mackenzie Hughes. Hughes is a former KentState and NCAA all-American golfer.  According to Yves, “Hughes has a great future in front of him, and with the many professional events that the game now offers around the world with no longer any offseason to contend with, I believe he has chosen the right profession.” By Bill Bath, CGTF Level IV Member
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