Tim Carnahan of Fairfax, Virginia, has been a lifelong golfer who had a 30-year corporate career in finance and employee relocation. In preparation for a second career, Carnahan began to work on his golf game and began taking classes in golf instruction as well as club fitting, club performance and club repair. Eleven years ago, after retiring from his corporate job, Carnahan joined a local golf academy as a club fitter and beginner golf instructor. He now works with players of all skill levels.  

Carnahan currently works at the Burke Lake Golf Academy (BLGA) at the Burke Lake Golf Course in Fairfax. At the BLGA, he teaches group lessons as well as private and semi-private lessons. Additionally, Carnahan does club fittings for two major golf club companies. Earlier in 2023, Carnahan was designated a staff player for Callaway Golf. His teaching philosophy is a formula that has proven over time to produce solid results. First, he emphasizes solid fundamentals of grip, setup, ball position and takeaway. This portion of instruction is supported by video analysis and photos that the student takes home with them. Phase two involves developing the student’s understanding of what goes into making good impact and the resulting ball flight.  

According to Carnahan, “I support this aspect of the lesson with launch monitor and video analysis. My students have responded well to this approach. The final aspect to my teaching method is to hold the students to a high standard. I have found that students really appreciate honest feedback on their performance. Acknowledge a good swing, but point out what could be improved. Students respond well to being told they can do better.”  


By Pamela Montgomery, USGTF Member  

Adrian Trejo decided to play golf as an outlet due to the Covid restrictions of 2020. He comes from a family rich in tradition. His father and mother have guided their sons to work hard and be honorable young men. His older brother, a police officer, suggested they try the game at a weekly family meeting. Now, all the men play…they caught the “golf bug.”  

Adrian approached me about joining the team at Canyon Springs High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since. I am a USGTF certified instructor, license #6108. My other job is that of a schoolteacher for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas. I became the golf coach in the 2022-2023 school year. When Adrian walked into my classroom and asked what he needed to do to play, both our lives changed.  

Adrian has a background rich in football. He was a team captain, leader, and role model for others. Adrian is an honor student driven to always do and be his very best. This all made my job so much easier. Adrian not only joined the team, but made it to the Nevada State Championship his very first year as a competitive golfer. Together we have concentrated on improving his short game and making better club selections for specific shots. Our game plan also focused on controlling his power and accuracy off the tee.  

We are charting his GIRs, putts and fairways. Adrian is a fierce competitor and finds golf extremely self-rewarding. He loves the game more than ever, mostly because he sees that hard work and dedication pay off. This year, Adrian has decided to concentrate on golf. He sees his future in golf as a lifelong passion.  

It has been a true honor for me as a USGTF instructor to see my student achieve so much in such a short time. We are both excited about where golf might take him. Not only is he strong, athletic and intrinsically motivated, but he has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. Keep watching for this name, Adrian Trejo; we may see it on TV someday.  



Bushnell, maker of the top-selling range finders in golf, have hit a home run with its latest offering, the Pro X3. According to Bushnell, “The best just got even better – Pro X3 is the most feature rich, best performing laser rangefinder on earth. Bushnell Golf brings you its most advanced laser rangefinder yet. Packing all of the market-leading innovations you have come to expect.”  

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The Presidents Cup competition between Team USA and the International squad (excluding Europe) started in 1994 as a way to get the game’s biggest international stars – most notably Greg Norman and Nick Price – into a team competition. Also, the Ryder Cup had, by this time, morphed from a ho-hum event that had little buzz to a must-see all-out war.

While the Ryder Cup is somewhat fairly evenly matched, Team USA has completely dominated Team International in the Presidents Cup. Various theories have been put forward as to why this is, but the most compelling is that Team International simply lacks the firepower that Team Europe has. Another important aspect is belief, and pro golfers are not immune from this. Simply put, Team Europe expects to win the Ryder Cup in Europe, and Team USA expects to win every time the Presidents Cup is contested.

Thirty years after the first playing of the Presidents Cup, it has nowhere the passion or interest that the Ryder Cup does. Will this ever change? Probably not soon. Team Europe in the Ryder Cup has a camaraderie and connection being from a common continent, while the International squad in the Presidents Cup hails from all over the globe with little in common. However, should Team International win a Presidents Cup or two, interest is sure to rise dramatically.


Three individual champions and two team winners captured division titles at the 2023 United States Golf Teachers Cup, contested October 9-10 at the Revere Golf Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ken Kim continued his fine play in USGTF events, following up his win earlier in the year in the Southeast Region Championship with a victory in the U.S. Cup’s Open division. His two-round total of even-par 144 bested runner-up Eric Slosek by eight shots. Kirk Junge took home the Senior division title, his 4-under-par winning by six over runner-up Yi Zhou. In the Super Senior division, Rox Cox captured yet another USGTF title, his 2-over-par 146 defeating Ron Platz by 10. Complete scores can be found at www.2023uscup.golfgenius.com.
For the third consecutive U.S. Cup, a concurrent pro-am was conducted, with USGTF professional Pamela Montgomery teaming with amateur Cherokee Montgomery to win. Next year’s U.S. Cup will also be held in Las Vegas at a course to be named at a later date.


By Hajime Morita

In 2020, there were many people who began playing golf during COVID-19 restrictions in Japan that limited people’s activities, such as going out or traveling. However, the data released in July 2023 showed that about 20 percent of the new golfers have quit golf.

According to the report by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, golf courses in Japan had about ¥29.6 billion in sales between April and June 2023. The sales amount slightly increased from the previous year. The sales generated at driving ranges declined a little to about ¥9.1 billion during the same period, maintaining the sales growth brought by the COVID-19 positive effects.

However, the number of people who play at a golf course or a driving range is decreasing. On the other side, we have positive news. Recently, college golfers have joined the USGTF-Japan certification courses. It is great news that the career of a teaching professional is recognized as a good option by young golfers who are expected to be a leader of the next generation. More and more young golfers want to work as a teaching professional.

People can find any answer by searching on the internet, but to improve at golf takes time. The

systematized learning system of USGTF solves this issue and will be increasingly needed in the future.


Team Europe has done something it hasn’t done since 1997, and that is to win the Ryder Cup on home soil. The Europeans defeated Team USA 16 1/2 – 11 1/2 to recapture Samuel Ryder’s trophy that it lost in 2021 in Wisconsin.

Many pundits thought this would be the year that Team USA would break the road victory drought, but it was not to be. One reason given that seems to hold the most credence is that most of Team USA took five weeks off from playing competitive golf, while members of the European squad kept playing. And as usual, the course was set up to favor the European’s strengths while negating the Americans’.

One myth that was reinforced by the competition is that Team Europe is simply better in the fourball competition (alternate shot) than are the Americans, but Team USA actually dominated Europe in that format the last two Ryder Cups held in the U.S. Also, the Americans excel in that format during the Presidents Cup against the International squad, so it appears competitive rust could well be the main culprit.

The 2025 competition at Bethpage Black in New York promises to be one for the books. Will Team USA continue its own home winning streak? Stay tuned.  


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